Rezumat 2018

Anul 2018 a fost anul cand blogul meu si tot ce e legat de el a luat nastere. Ceea ce a inceput ca o simpla joaca, s-a transformat foarte repede intr-o mare pasiune careia ii dedic foarte mult timp acum. Am avut un inceput timid, insa pana la sfarsitul anului am reusit sa adun 2k… Continue reading Rezumat 2018


A dreamer in USA – part 2

In cea de-a doua parte a seriei de articole despre SUA, vreau sa va vorbesc putin despre magazinele mele preferate in SUA si sa realizez un top 10 al acestora . Pentru mine SUA, dupa cum va spuneam in partea 1, inseamna relaxare si foarteeee mult shopping. Vizitez cat pot de mult, iar in rest… Continue reading A dreamer in USA – part 2


For the first time in Vancouver, Canada

I got the chance this year to visit Canada. Yayyyy! Everytime I plan my visit to the United States I try to book everything early and decide what I want to visit when I get there. So this year I decided to go to Vancouver, BC. I booked a flight from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver,… Continue reading For the first time in Vancouver, Canada


Victoria’s Secret – everygirl’s obsession

Everytime I travel and there's a Victoria's Secret store where I go, that store is the most visited place in my trip. I must admit I have a little crush on Victoria's Secret products, especially on body lotions...ok...a huge crush! They do not mosturize that well, but the smell is simply divine.   In most… Continue reading Victoria’s Secret – everygirl’s obsession


Locuri minunate din România – Cazanele Dunarii si cascada Bigar

 Auzisem multe lucruri foarte frumoase despre Cazanele Dunării și citisem destul de mult despre cascada Bigăr. În ultimii ani, ambele au avut parte de o mega promovare în spatiul online. A venit, în sfârșit, și rândul meu să ajung acolo la sfârșit de lună septembrie. Am pornit pe traseul Râmnicu Vâlcea - Horezu - Tg.… Continue reading Locuri minunate din România – Cazanele Dunarii si cascada Bigar


Sleepless nights in Seattle

If you are a Grey's Anatomy fan, you must definitely be in love with Seattle. Ever since I started watching Grey's Anatomy, I dreamt of visiting this beautiful city, and especially the Space Neddle and my dream came true and not only once, but twice. From the minute I stepped out of the train, I adored… Continue reading Sleepless nights in Seattle


Columbia River Gorge

The Gorge - view from Chanticleer Point  Last year, in 2017 I had the chance to take a tour of the Columbia River Gorge which is just 30 minutes west of downtown Portland, Oregon. I got to see the most spectacular vistas and very beautiful waterfalls. The Columbia River Gorge is the largest national scenic… Continue reading Columbia River Gorge