Sleepless nights in Seattle

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you must definitely be in love with Seattle. Ever since I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, I dreamt of visiting this beautiful city, and especially the Space Neddle and my dream came true and not only once, but twice.

From the minute I stepped out of the train, I adored this city instantly. Being in Vancouver, Washington most of my time while visiting USA, it was easier to take the train ride to Seattle, via Amtrak. It’s a 3 hours ride in very comfortable seats and with great views to look at and not get bored. The train station in Seattle, The King Street Station, is very impressive, beautifully designed and very stylish.

To get to the city center, you can easily take a cab or a bus to downtown. On my first visit, I stayed at Andra Hotel which was located in the center of Seattle, pretty close to the Space Needle, The Waterfront Wheel and the Public Market. I would recommend to book a hotel in downtown even if the prices are high, but it’s easier to walk to all the attractions. Each time of my visit I had 3 days to walk in Seattle and I can say it was plenty of time to visit everything I wanted.

My first stop was at the Space Needle. It was everything I imagined and even more. I visited Seattle at the beginning of July and the weather was perfect. It is a must to go up in The Space Neddle and eat in the spinning restaurant. You will be impressed with the 360 degress wonderful views over Seattle.

My second stop was the Public Market, which is located near the Wheel, at the waterfront. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and fresh sea food and just eat quietly by the bay. The next attraction was the Wheel from where you can see the entire Seattle. I went to the Wheel by night and it was a magnificent view of the skyscrapers. The next day was reserved entirely to wander the streets of Seattle and make some shopping around there.

A ride with the ferry to the Bainbridge Island is a thing you must really do. Take a whole day to go to this beautiful island, have lunch there, walk among the wineries, looks at the boats and just relax and in the evening come back to the big city. The view of Seattle from the ferry is just unbelieveble.

Seattle was everything I expected to be and even more. I would go back anytime and I would even consider moving there. That’s how much I love Seattle!



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