Columbia River Gorge

The Gorge – view from Chanticleer Point

 Last year, in 2017 I had the chance to take a tour of the Columbia River Gorge which is just 30 minutes west of downtown Portland, Oregon. I got to see the most spectacular vistas and very beautiful waterfalls. The Columbia River Gorge is the largest national scenic area in the United States and has the biggest concentration of waterfalls: Multnomah Falls, Latourell Falls, the Bridal Veil. The very first stop I did was at the Chanticleer Point to see the Gorge in all its beauty and afterwards at the Crown Point where I got to visit the charming Vista House which is a museum, but it also serves as a memorial to Oregon pioneers. Got a snack at the Vista House (they have a great restaurant at the top floor with good food which I recommend if you get there) and I also checked out the gift shops. I always buy fridge magnets from all the places I visit, so the gift shop was something that I couldn’t have missed.

  With my tummy full, I hit the road again to see dozens of awe-inspiring waterfalls that were lining the Historic Columbia River Highway. The first stop was at Latourell Falls, a fall that cascades 224 feet and it can be easily accessed from a short trail that takes you to a viewpoint.

  I kept driving East and the next stop was at the Bridal Veil Falls; a gorgeous waterfall that drops 118 feet.

  Multnomah Falls is the next stop on the trip and the most impressive fall I’ve ever seen. As you approach the Multnomah Falls, you can have expectations for a truly magnificent sight. It is the tallest waterfall and the most popular destination in Oregon. Water for Multnomah creek drops a whopping 635 feet crossing beneath the iconic Benson Bridge. It has a beautiful gift shop and a big restaurant.

  My final stop was at the Thunder Island Brewing based out of the city

of Cascade Locks. Taste a handcrafted beer and a good sandwich and enjoy the view of water passing the Brewery and the look out at the Bridge of Gods!



Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls

The Bridal Veil

Thunder Island Brewery



18 thoughts on “Columbia River Gorge”

  1. Știu că poate nu o să am ocazia să ajung în Columbia, dar am dreptul să visez. Îmi plac foarte mult pozele, sunt superbe.

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